Aïsha Devi


Besides founding her Swiss-based imprint, Danse Noire, releasing leftfield electronic music from the likes of IVVVO and Vaghe Stelle, Swiss-born, Nepalese-Tibetan electronic producer Aïsha Devi’s latest solo productions are further testament to her personal evolution. Devi’s reconnection with her origins meant a newly formed approach to music production under her birth name.

Heavily influenced by her dedicated practice of meditation, Devi’s work is often visceral and ritualistic, fusing her intense, warped vocal samples with sombre, and at times industrial instrumentation. “I’ve been meditating for six years and it has a huge influence on my music. In my way of production, the practice has transformed me, opened my cosmos, expanded my skills, extended the knowledge that I’m modulating in music.” Devi says. “My voice and my machines are the vibrations of my soul, mind, and body and out of body explorations. Both meditation sessions and music production merged into one same ritual.”

This meditative process extends into the live experience where she incorporates the overtone and guttural chanting techniques she learned, as a healing method through frequencies.

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