Aïsha Devi Talks To Resident Advisor

Aïsha Devi Talks To Resident Advisor

As Holly Dicker explains, Aïsha Devi has undertaken a long creative and spiritual journey to achieve the singular work she's now widely known for.

Aïsha Devi's voice is phenomenal. It has always been her most significant tool, an instrument she has used and abused exhaustively over the years. She discovered it early on as a "shy and lonely child" singing in the school choir. That was the first time she truly felt her existence, she says, and her voice became her identity. Devi is a classically trained soprano singer and her vocal range is astounding.

You can hear it on her records. At one end there's the guttural "Throat Dub," where Devi emulates throat singing. On the other is "Adera," the intoxicating opener from her first album, Of Matter And Spirit, which is full of heavenly permeations. But nothing beats Devi's voice live. It fractures time.

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Aisha’s Devi’s incredible monthly NTS Radio show came to an end at Christmas, now fully concentrating on writing new music whilst continuing with her touring commitments. Aisha always likes to include an edit or two within her hour long shows, we sent out an exclusive download link for all Houndstooth subscribers to a selection of these tracks back in January but this seems a nice time to open this link out to a wider audience.

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