Throwing Snow - Cosms

Throwing Snow - Cosms

Heralding his new album ‘Embers’, Ross Tones aka Throwing Snow is set to release single ‘Cosms’ on 25th November 2016. 

Recorded in Daddry Shield, County Durham, ‘Embers’ is a conceptually imaginative and musically atmospheric recording that draws stimulus from laws and patterns of the natural world, and sounds captured in the surrounding area. Edited and extended from the versions within the continuous album, ‘Cosms’ and ‘Cantor’s Dust’ excel creatively in the freedom and restrictions of applying aspects of these elements. 

“The arpeggios in ‘Cosms’ are interrelated and self-evolve, random fluctuations are introduced to mirror the natural world so that the sound is ever changing. ‘Cantor's Dust’ plays with self-similarity. Elements morph to become something similar but altered.” - Throwing Snow

Migrating from England’s northern wilderness to London and now Bristol, Tones’ schooling in astrophysics didn’t deviate his desire to be a musician. Following a prolific run of well-received EPs and singles, his debut album ‘Mosaic’ was released by Houndstooth in 2014. Live he has supported Bonobo, Atoms For Peace and Jon Hopkins; as well as completing a stint at Red Bull Music Academy and making numerous Boiler Room appearances. 

The album Embers is scheduled to be released in early 2017. Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy.