Snow Ghosts


Sharing a mutual influence of the shadowy elements of folklore and the heavier side of experimental noise, a disparate array of reference points combines to form Snow Ghosts’ bewitching and oft intoxicating sound. Ross Tones (aka Throwing Snow), Hannah Cartwright (Augustus Ghost) and Oliver Knowles (EXES) join forces to pool their individual inspirations, ideas and styles to form Snow Ghosts.  

Throwing Snow began working with Augustus Ghost after she moved to England in 2008. Hannah comes from a strong songwriting background, having previously collaborated with Phaeleh as well as singing in the band Masakichi. Ross possesses more electronic influences with his work as Throwing Snow and has been gaining plaudits from all sides; including for his critically acclaimed debut solo album ‘Mosaic’. They first found an outlet for their music through Black Acre Records in 2011 with the ‘Lost At Sea’ EP followed by the release of their full length album 'A Small Murmuration' via Houndstooth in the summer of 2013.

With their latest LP 'A Wrecking', Ross and Hannah are joined by EXES’ multi-instrumentalist Oliver Knowles. Having previously toured the US with cult post-rockers Yndi Halda, Oliver’s involvement with Snow Ghosts began as a one off collaboration, however something clicked into place and Snow Ghosts quickly cemented themselves as a trio.

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