Second Storey


Alec Storey is the latest artist to shift phase and re-christen his output after signing to our label; progressing from his Al Tourettes moniker in favour of the more becoming alias, Second Storey.

Over the years Storey has emerged and evolved somewhat from the self-styled ‘swamp music’ of his early days, building and growing his artistic palette as he feasted on the influence of people like Portishead, Metalheadz and Herbie Hancock and the electronic music that he found himself surrounded with whilst growing up as part of the Molotov soundsystem on the Norfolk/Suffolk borders. He’s always produced music that’s alluded quite openly to his passions for free party soundsystems and rave culture – the type of music that’s always existed in an advanced state of diaspora - but with his latest material he experiments with the very inertia of the music that inspired him in the first place.

A highly skilled drummer, Storey combines high-energy live beat triggering with his command of Drexciyan electro themes. 

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