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Vester Koza is an electronic musician and DJ from North West England, now based in London. The alias is adapted from an obscure range of effects units aimed at guitarists.

In 2013 he released a string of self-released EP's which gained widespread critical acclaim. Writing for RA Will Lynch praised Koza's "inspired sound design" whilst Rory Gibb (The Wire) noted: "This is music that doesn't simply reward but demands close and concentrated listening, the better to sink deep beneath its grainy surfaces".

In 2016 Koza signed to fabric's Houndstooth Label, beginning with the OTR EP. Conceptually, the record is a follow up to the previous PRISN EP, which made reference to the NSA spying program with titles adapted from Android and Apple commands. In a progression of the theme, OTR draws influence from Open Source forms of encryption and the genetic modification of farmed animals.

The record was described by Angus Finlayson (Pitchfork/RA) as sailing "emotional waters, tacking between alienation and warmth in the style of some '90s IDM". "In their withdrawn moods, these tracks reflect the EP's theme: privacy in a hyper-surveilled world. You sometimes wish they'd say more, but withholding is what makes Koza's music so engrossing."

As a DJ he has headlined shows in London, Berlin, Paris, Milan, Rome, Amsterdam and Tel Aviv, playing at clubs such as Berghain, Tresor and The Hydra.

In 2017 he will release a debut album on Houndstooth.

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